Website Up and Running!


Summary: After Seven Long Years of a Purely Text-Based Website, We’ve Gotten the Website We’ve Wanted to Have, Up and Running

Since March 22nd, India has been in the midst of a strict lockdown. During this time, our Indian team has been working from home, spending time on Zoom and Hangout for webinars and conference calls, introspecting on life, meditating and spending time with family members. Though the US has had a slightly less intense version of a lockdown, our USA team members have been spending a similar amount of time at home engaging in similar activities. However, much more dramatic economic stimulus in the USA has led to potential for a number of interesting public investment opportunities. Stimulus in India has been muted, from a comparative standpoint, and so the kinds of swings the USA has seen, India has not seen yet, in public markets.

In addition to the work regarding managing the current portfolio, we are laying the groundwork for Snow Leopard Global, a vision that we’ve had for some time for a global alternative investment firm that bridges capital with opportunities between the USA and India. With team members in India and in New York City and an extensive list of potential companies and ideas we have ideated on for investment, we are excited about the road ahead. Both locations are tricky to navigate in their own right, and we think that we have a unique setup with partners who have known each other for over thirty years while living on the ground in these two very different places.